The solution

Realize a global synthesis of the ergonomics of all your workstations thanks to clear and complete automatic reports, then target the changes to be made to the post and validate them instantly with our real-time rating of musculoskeletal disorders. MSD Studio solution allows you to save and analyze workstations in your production environment, based on accurate capture of operator movements.    Learn more
The direct cost of MSDs are approximately $213 billion every year, in treatment and lost wages.
About 1 in 2 U.S. adults has a musculoskeletal disorder.
M days
That's the number of lost workdays due to back or neck pain.

The suit

The use of MSD Studio is made thanks to its comfortable and cordless suit, equipped with 17 sensors measuring the angulations of the limbs of the body, it allows a complete mobility and a total freedom of movements. This combination offers the advantage of having no limit of scope guaranteeing the integrity of the data captured. Each sensor is composed of a gyroscope, an accelerometer as well as a magnetometer (each on 3 axes), our data crossing algorithms reproduce each movement on the 3D avatar. MSD Studio technology to an accuracy of 0.02° and records data 60 times per second. Learn more

Advantages of the solution

Saves time and precision in order to significantly reduce occupational risks.
Improve your trainings upstream and validate the right gesture, in real time.
Produce a summary of the arduous tasks and identify possible improvements.
Create a new, optimized, ergonomic workstation the first time.
Adapt your human resources to the position (rotation, recovery time) and prevent work stoppages.
Regularly evaluate your production environment (monthly, annually) thanks to the speed of implementation.


Instantly export a complete summary of captured data, gain accuracy and considerable time in the ergonomic analysis of workstations. Produce a synthesis of many statistical indicators immediately provided (average, minimum, maximum, standard deviations, interquartile differences ...). Easy reading of the reports thanks to the complete colouring based on the ergonomic rules.      Contact us

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